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Welcome to the Christian Waterfowlers Association
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The Christian Waterfowlers Association was formed to combine people's passion for waterfowling with their passion for Christ.  Our primary goal is to preserve our Christian, waterfowling heritage, and with your help, together we can accomplish this.  We offer several donation support options.  Please click on Join the CWA and it will direct you to our support page.  With your support we can continue to make a diffence for Christ through waterfowling and the great outdoors.  The CWA is registered with the IRS as a 501 (C)(3) Non Profit Organization.

Thanks for your support!

God Bless!   

Tim Sallee       Home of the International Waterfowl Festival & Outdoor Expo

Wounded Veteran's Events

wounded_veterans_events_logo_webThe Christian Waterfowlers Association conducted its first Wounded Veteran's Waterfowl Event on January 23-24, 2014 with Michael Goetz & other club members at the Crooked Slough Hunting Club in Corning AR.  Ryan Miller of Hunters Helping Heroes arranged for Wounded Veterans Larry Draughn & Sean McEndree to attend.  Scott Smyth, CWA Alabama State Rep. helped to organize the two day event which included river and rice field hunting as well as an honor dinner.  Larry & Sean were presented various gifts and items from several supporters of the event including a duck and goose call, waterproof Bible, shirts, caps, dvd's & more.

CWA Youth: Blue Wings

blue_wings_cwaThe Christian Waterfowlers Association introduces the new name and logo for our youth.  Blue Wings, named after the Blue Winged Teal duck is the new name of CWA youth ages 17 and under.  "Young Ducks" is the name for all youth ages 11 and under.  Introducing our youth to Christ and waterfowling is the key to preserving our Christian, waterfowling heritage.  Future programs for CWA Blue Wings youth will include youth hunts, youth hunter education classes, conservation, restoration, waterfowl management & more.   The Blue Wings Youth allows young waterfowlers the chance to support the mission and programs of  the Christian Waterfowlers Association